Study: Eating Fish Could Help Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis

Eating fish could help decrease the disease acitivity of rheumatoid arthritis. Source link

Elon Musk: City with One Million Residents Can Live on Mars

Billionaire Elon Musk wanted to send humans to Mars. But that's not all, he wanted to send one million residents to the red planet. Source link

VIDEO: See NASA's Flexible Solar Array Roll Out in Space

NASA's new rollout solar array called ROSA was deployed last weekend. This is the first time for this new technology to be tested in space. Source link

The World’s Largest Waterfall is Under the Sea, and a Barometer for the Planet's...

The enormous Denmark Cascade is a powerful and gigantic downwelling phenomenon. But if global warming continues and changes the cascade, the effects on life in the oceans could be catastrophic. Source...

Trees Communicate Via a Vast Underground Network of Fungi

This may completely change the way we interact with forests. Source link

Biking to Work Could Reduce Stress Levels, Improve Work Performance

People who ride their bike to work are less stressed than those who take public commute or drive a car. Source link

Active Sex Life Could Improve Brain Function in Older Adults

Older adults who have an active sex life tends to have better brain function than those who do not. Source link

Work Stress Could Lead to Unhealthy Food Choices

Work-related morning stress could promote unhealthy eating behavior at dinnertime. Source link

Millenia-Old Mystery of 'Bright Nights' Finally Solved

Stories of a nocturnal sun have stumped scientists for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Source link
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